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KAIST Bene-FIT Challenge Program Launched
KAIST Bene-FIT Challenge Program Launched
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The KAIST Bene-FIT Challenge program, which started in May, is a series of exercise programs hosted by the School of Humanities & Social Science in the College of Liberal Arts and Convergence Science. With the opening of the Ryu Geun Chul Sports Complex (N3) in 2010, KAIST has hosted many sports campaigns and events, such as the group exercise events, exercise workshops, and the KAIST Fun Run Competitions. However, these events were not widely utilized by the majority of students on campus. In response, the KAIST Bene-FIT Challenge program aims to help students develop healthy exercise habits and improve their general wellbeing. Furthermore, the program hopes to motivate students who have little experience with exercise through a variety of activities.

The KAIST Bene-FIT Challenge program’s mission statement outlines its goal of attaining “safety and health through challenge and achievement”. There will be three types of programs: educational, participational, and challenging. These programs include events such as a core exercise class, “10km Fun Run”, half marathon, and midnight run. Due to the nature of the program, priority is given to beginners, but any member of the KAIST community is able to participate. Furthermore, the program is free of charge, but the number of seats available is limited for each program. Participation in any of the KAIST Bene-FIT Challenge program events requires enrollment.

The first program, “SOS Safety Swimming Class”, was held on May 18 at the KAIST swimming pool. The goal of this class was to provide background knowledge on safety in water leisure activities, in hopes of preventing accidents and to help students overcome their fear of water.

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