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KAIST Class of 1979 Donates 2 Billion KRW
KAIST Class of 1979 Donates 2 Billion KRW
  • Sean Tristan De Guzman Staff Reporter
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The KAIST alumni batch of 1979 held a homecoming event at the KAIST College of Business in Seoul to commemorate their 40th graduation anniversary. Represented by current Miwon Commercial Chairman Chong-Don Kim, they donated two billion KRW to support further development of KAIST. The event was attended by graduates who now contribute to society through their professions in different fields, including Professor Choong-Ki Kim from the School of Electrical Engineering and KAIST Alumni Association Chairman, Dr. Ki-Chul Cha.

Chairman Kim was delighted to have revisited KAIST’s former main campus and recall his old days with his friends during their stay. He mentioned that the donated funds were to maintain the spirit fostered by “Honor KAIST”, an alumni-founded donation campaign established in 2015 by the master’s students graduates of 1975 aiming to raise one trillion KRW, and promised that their class will continue supporting KAIST’s growth in the future.

KAIST President Sung-Chul Shin expressed his sincerest gratitude to KAIST Class of 1979, and added that the donation will benefit the university far more than what meets the eye, as it can propel the university’s many other future plans and initiatives.

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