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The 1st Arts and Science Interdisciplinary Exhibition
The 1st Arts and Science Interdisciplinary Exhibition
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On October 29, KAIST Graduate School of Culture and Technology (GSCT), headed by Director Dong Man Lee, opened the “1st Arts and Science Interdisciplinary Exhibition.” Located in the display room of the KAIST Institute (KI) Building, the exhibitions will be opened for three months until January 27 of next year.

This year’s exhibition, under the theme “Looking at the Sky,” aims to provide a culturally active place for communication between arts and sciences and widen people’s perspective on society. It displays a variety of installed artworks that reflect the many different thoughts of individual artists on the subject of climate change.

All of the artworks are categorized under one of the four subcategories: the disappearance of scenery and sound due to climate change, the visualization of scientific analysis and data, records of daily life, and solutions via aesthetic creativity.

The exhibition displays a total of 16 works, including domestic artworks “Tornado” by Professor Young Min Kang of Chugye University for the Arts, “The Bluest Eyes” by Seung Young Kim, “Another Moon” by Young Sik Kim, “The Pig and the News” by Jong Goo Kim, “Protei” by Randomworks Studio, “Saving the Lion Seal” by Yang Kura, “Rhizome Map” by Image, “Diary” by Soo Young Lee, “The Performance at the Very End of My Existence” by Gwang Hee Jo, “Blowing a Dandelion” by Seung Joon Choi, “All-in-one-defense” by Tae Hoon Choi, and “Breaking Wave” by Won Ha. Artworks from other countries include “World Saving Machine” by Ralf Sander of Germany.

KAIST GSCT’s purpose behind the interdisciplinary exhibition was to provide students with diverse aspects of aesthetic creativity so that they will be driven to meet the never-ending innovative demands that their future society would ask of them.

Head Director and Professor Jung Hwa Kim said, “GSCT has conducted several cultural activities thus far and our members seek to endlessly provide new ideas for the local society. I hope this exhibition will prove to be a small opportunity to push the boundaries of science and art a bit further.”

Reservations are not necessary for the exhibition and are available to anyone who wishes to visit. For more information, contact Ho San Kim (010-6232-3616).

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