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The Voice of Your Heart
The Voice of Your Heart
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One of the biggest dilemmas has been taking shape in my heart and mind. The question that has been haunting ever since I joined KAIST is “To what extent should I participate in club activities on campus?” There probably were so many moments when you had to give up your passion for the sake of studying hard to get a better GPA. Being a student in one of the most competitive universities in the world, silencing the voice erupting from your heart does not seem unusual; it is like a tale told every day!

The rigorous curriculum and the plethora of homeworks assigned by professors present nothing but a grim picture. Each of us is blessed with some innate talents and the manifestations of those abilities become some of the happiest moments of our lives. All of us have a music in our heart, echoing in an attempt to lead us to the destination of our dreams. Sadly, most of the time, those dreams wither away, being reduced to nothingness.

Hailing from middle class families with limited means, many of us are taught to study hard with the objective of getting a good job and leading a comfortable life. The fear of being reduced to poverty and the image of being a failure is I guess why we are brought up with a mindset that getting a good job and having luxuries are the symbols of success. I cannot deny that money can buy us a lot of things, but something it cannot fetch us is satisfaction, which stems purely from the fulfilment of the wishes of the heart.

Some people are born to dance; their bodies automatically flow with the rhythm of the tunes which plays in their hearts. For some, singing is an act of cleansing and purifying their souls, building a bond with the ultimate power that lies within.  Some are born to speak, and when their lips reveal the unsaid and unheard secrets, everybody listens. Each of us has something unique, which can make us smile, even in moments of extreme adversities that we might face.

Fear is like a leech that sucks the juice of vitality from us, shredding our souls. Why then, do we give way to the fear and silence that poison our being? We live, but in chains; we breathe, but we are already dead within!

Most of us console our hearts by saying that we have plenty of time to follow our heart after we establish ourselves in this competitive world; but my heart incessantly questions me, “How long can I keep deluding myself?” So many hearts and mouths are silenced to follow the common path that ensures a so-called “happy” life. Maybe I am too immature or too idealistic in my approach. Since the beginning of time, the heart and mind have been considered to be constant foes. Age and experience are often placed at a higher pedestal than youthful passion. What should then, be the ultimate path to follow?  A life that makes you smile and helps you shape your dreams, or a life with the guarantee of a future adorned with luxuries and tons of money?

The choice is all yours! 

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